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Gravel where turfgrass was removed golden sage California poppies are wonderful re-seeders.

Asters, basket-of-gold, California poppies, lavender, santolina, Grecian laurel, germander, and olives thrive where turfgrass was removed.


golden sage (Salvia officinalis ‘Icterina’)


Gravel can be very conducive to re-seeding, but this is a bonus unless your garden is weedy. California poppies (shown above) are wonderful re-seeders.

Lawn Re-imagining
• Removal, reshaping, & turfgrass alternatives
• Native grasses, meadows
• Gravel and permeable paving
sideeyes Cerinthe Aeonium

Tula prefers gravel over turfgrass


‘Buttermilk’ California poppy with honeywort (Cerinthe major)


Aeonium sp.